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Our Pledge

EmPOWering kids with happy, healthy smiles!

We, the employees and management of Pediatric Oral Wellness, make this pledge to you, our valued patients:

  • We pledge that we will serve our patients with compassion, excellence, and value, providing quality dental services with an understanding that all our patients are individuals, each of whom has his or her own personal needs and concerns. We are here to help our patients begin their life with optimal dental health.

  • We pledge that we will provide dental services and products with professional quality that meet the standards of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, American Dental Association, California Dental Association, and the government agencies that govern the dental profession.

  • We pledge that we will be good community citizens, respectful of the environment, actively engaged in community service events especially related to children and their overall health and welfare, and friendly neighbors to the surrounding businesses.

  • We pledge that we will always present a positive public image and make our establishment one that you can visit with safety, comfort, and peace of mind.  And to serve our community, not only through the best dental care possible, but also by being an example of a caring, positive, and enjoyable place to visit and work.

  • We pledge to encourage each other to grow personally and professionally. We are a unified team of concerned professionals who enjoy working together to support our patients, each other, and our mission.

  • We pledge that we will be responsive to your suggestions and concerns.

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