Hometown: Richmond, CA

If you could have any super hero power what would it be: Super human speed

I love the Bay Area because: The weather is perfect.  I love the food and how diverse it is here

My Family consists of: Mom, Dad and myself

My hobbies include: Watching Netflix, listening to music, shopping and traveling.

Nickname when I was growing up: Jen, Nena (Neh-Na)

I’m really good at: Organizing and styling outfits

My family and I live in: Richmond, CA

My favorite food: Italian, Seafood and Chinese

My favorite movie: Bring it On, and the Incredibles

My favorite kind of music: R&B/Hip Hop and Reggaeton

If I wasn’t working in a Dental Office, I would probably work as a stylist/personal shopper or a music producer.

I love working as part of the front office team  because I love working with kids, and at the same time have fun conversations with them when they are in the office.  Everyone knows, kids are the most honest.