Name; Jeffrey-Front Office Manager

Hometown: San Francisco, Ca

I love being a Office Manager because: I like to ensure our patients get the best possible care from start to finish.

I love the Bay area because: It’s home, and from food, to activities, it’s the best.

If I could have any superhero powers what would it be: Super Human Strength

I choose to work with children because: Children help me stay young and Kids are always honest

My family consists of: My Mom, Sister, partner and 3 awesome dogs

My community involvement: Work with Developmentally Disabled with behavioral challenges

My hobbies: Cooking, Travel

I’m really good at: Organization

My favorite movie: Sister Act

My favorite food: Vegetarian Pizza

For fun, I like to: Travel, explore new restaurants, and Pokemon Go!

Favorite teams/sports: San Francisco Giants and the Minnesota Vikings