Dr. Viviene L. Valdez

Dr. Viviene Valdez
Dr. Viviene Valdez

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Dental School: New York University

Organizations I belong to: ACDS, ADA, AAPD, CDA, ABPD, Solano Ave Association

I became a dentist because: teeth fascinated me from an early age. I used to read books on teeth when I was in grade 4. It must have been because I lost a tooth.

I love being a dentist because: it’s a great mix of art, science and helping people.

I love East Bay area because: its so green, lots of open spaces to run, walk, or bike. I love to visit the farmers market and its so accessible in the East Bay

If I could have any superhero powers what would it be: run fast like Dash from the Incredibles

I chose to work with children because: you can be silly and they will either laugh at you or tell you honestly that you are just weird.

My family consists of: Mom, Older sister, Older Brother, Younger sister, 2 nephews and hundreds of extended family. My parents both come from large families.

My community involvement: Volunteer at dental health fairs. Involved in runs-3K, 7K, half marathon, du-athalon to benefit certain organizations.

Any Funny or Interesting facts: When I was elementary school I lead an all school aerobic workout with Footloose as my music.

My hobbies: Painting/drawing, reading books, cooking for family and friends

I’m really good at: knitting a scarf

My favourite movie: Harry Potter series

My favorite food: Chocolate

My Nickname growing up: Bebeng, it was hard to say “V” when you are just 3yrs old.

For fun, I like to: bike, hike or go to a new place I’ve never been to

If I wasn’t a dentist, I’d probably be:party planner

Favourite teams/sports; Go A’s. I love watching the Olympics.