Dr. Patrick T. So

Dr. So
Dr. So

Hometown: Chino Hills, CA

Dental School: New York University College of Dentistry

Organizations I belong to: ADA, AAPD, ABPD, CDA, AADR

I love the Bay area because: the great weather, farmers markets and the great people

I chose to work with children because: I’m really just a big kid at heart.

If you could have any super hero power what would it be:  I’d either want the power of X-ray vision or the ability to fly

Any Funny or interesting facts: I was part of a National Championship winning Forensics (Speech and Debate) Team in College

My Community involvement: helping out with local events, active in doing community outreach events all over the world including parts of rural Alaska, Africa, Asia and Central America

My Family consists of: Mom and Dad, an older and younger brother, one nephew, a ton of extended family members and an English Bulldog named Kylie

My hobbies include: Photography, Travel and Cooking

Nickname when I was growing up: None, I always wished I had a middle name or nickname growing up

I’m really good at: Jenga

I became a dentist because: I enjoy helping and making a difference in the world.

I love being a dentist because: its fun, there are different challenges every day and so many interesting things to learn about our patients.

My family and I live in: Oakland, CA

My favorite food: Chinese

My favorite movie: Finding Nemo

My favorite kind of music: Alternative

My favorite saying/quote: “Every Man Dies. Not Every Man Lives” William Wallace

For fun, I like to: Watch movies, Explore different places or try different foods

If I wasn’t a dentist, I’d probably be: a teacher

Favorite sports/teams: Football: 49ers/Chiefs/Broncos.  Basketball: Lakers. Baseball: A’s.

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