Name: Deborah- Registered Dental Assistant

Hometown: Managua, Nicaragua

Dental School: Carrington College

I love the Bay area because: Diversity, Weather, and of course the food.

I love being a Registered Dental Assistant because: I love seeing kids smile, and helping them become comfortable at the Dentist.

If I could have any Super Hero Powers what would they be: I would be able to cure all illnesses and help everyone live forever.

My hobbies include: Swimming, Makeup, and Cooking

I’m really good at: Dancing

My family and I live in: Richmond

My family consists of: My Mother, My Sister, My 2 Brothers, My Son, and Daughter, Husband, and a baby on the way!

Nickname: Katana, “Deborationz”, “Debbie-Cakez”

My favorite food: Seafood

My favorite movie: Moana

If I wasn’t a Dental Assistant, I would be a: Agricultural Engineer

Favorite Sports Team: A’s, Raiders, and Warriors