Name: Evelyn-Registered Dental Assistant

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Dental Assisting School: Blake Austin College

I became a dental assistant because: I like to help everyone have a beautiful smile.

I love being a dental assistant because: It’s nice knowing I can help bring a nice smile to someone’s face.

I love the Bay area because: Of the weather and beautiful cities

If I could have any superhero powers what would it be: To fly so I can se beautiful night lights.

I choose to work with children because: Children are super fun to work with.

My family consists of: My Daughter, Husband, Mom, Dad, Brother, two younger sisters, and Grandparents.

My community involvement: Volunteer work in the Dental field.

My hobbies: Crafting with my daughter.

I’m really good at: Playing video games

My favorite movie: Little Mermaid

My favorite food: BBQ Chicken Legs

For fun, I like to: Play games, go to the movies, hike and fishing.

Favourite teams/sports: Oakland Raiders